KAFKA is a creative strategy studio, based in Berlin. We help you uncover, understand and clarify the complexities that come along with building state-of-the-art brand experiences.

Kafka is your ideal partner whenever you think 1 “someone should really take a look at that” (not medically, though). Or 2 want to create a more holistic and coherent brand ecosystem. Or 3 wonder what your next step as a brand could be. Whenever you 4 look for a 2nd opinion on your experience strategy and architecture. Or 5 seek to grow your team's knowledge and confidence in human/user/customer experience design topics.

Strategy & Analysis

Applying journey-centric practices to understanding your challenges.
  • Brand Ecosystem Mapping
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Internal & External Research


Translating knowledge and information into actionable insights.
  • Knowledge Processing
  • Information Visualisation
  • Process & Workflow Design
  • Scenario Planning

Consultation & Mentoring

Empowering teams and individuals to embrace complexity.
  • Product Review
  • Topic-specific Training
  • One-on-one Mentoring
  • Bootcamp Sessions
Kafka is Katharina Köth, an Experience Architect and Strategist with more than 10 years of working experience. She has been responsible for the end-to-end concept development of digital platforms, products and services for renowned brands such as 1&1, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Mercedes-Benz. More here ⤴︎